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Protects rack in high traffic
areas such as corners and
tunnels from accidental
contact with lift trucks and
Easy installation with all
hardware included
Bright, yellow powder coat
No welds in the assembly so
no need to order a left or a
right component
Rack Pal
is designed to
increase the lifetime of a rack
Adjustable rail can be cut to fit
any size for custom jobs
These types of systems are
especially handy in all high
traffic areas with material
handling equipment
Why Rack Pal?
When you have aisles or tunnels within your rack,
Rack Pal
is your guarding answer.
If you ever need to replace a component then all
you need to do is replace the one section and not
the entire run.
Limiting workplace accidents is a top priority in
any warehouse so neutralize a hazard right now
and protect your workers with
Rack Pal.